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Flavour profile: sauvignon blanc wine, Papaya, Jaffa biscuit

Hua Chang (translates to Elephant's Head) is the highest area of Doi Chang, boasting its own microclimate highly favorable for coffee cultivation. Here, the coffee beans ripen at an optimally slow rate. The volcanic soil in the region serves as a nutrient-rich growing medium, further enhancing the quality of Hua Chang coffee. Additionally, the coffee thrives at a very high altitude, as Hua Chang is situated 19 degrees north of the equator.

Embracing innovation and unafraid of taking risks, young farmer Nawin Yaesorkoo consistently ventures beyond conventional boundaries to produce exceptional coffee. In this unique coffee, Nawin employs yeasts traditionally associated with winemaking during the fermentation phase. The process begins with the addition of red wine yeast to the coffee cherries, followed by another yeast typically used in white wine production. Over a meticulous 10-day fermentation period in temperature-controlled sealed barrels, the magic unfolds. Subsequently, the coffee beans undergo a 25-day drying period on elevated beds, ensuring the desired moisture level.

The outcome is a captivating and intriguing coffee bound to spark diverse opinions. The flavor profile spans a wide spectrum, merging vinous, fruity, and pastry-like chocolate notes. As you can already tell from the processing, we are now at the funkiest end of the coffee world!

Country: Thailand
Region: Chiang Rai
Grower: Nawin Yaesorkoo
Variety: Catuai, Typica, Chiang Mai
Height: 1450m
Processing: natural, fermentation with wine yeast


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