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El Obraje

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Flavour profile: peach, passion, mango | Light roasted

Pablo Guerrero began cultivating coffee in the Tangua region in 2000 and was actually the first coffee farmer in the area. Prior to coffee trees, the family farm, Hacienda El Obraje, primarily grew wheat and other grains, but in the 1990s, as Colombia began importing grains, the farms were no longer sustaining the family.
When Pablo started growing coffee in 2000, he lacked the necessary processing equipment, and the coffee was sold as traditional 'commodity' coffee for the first few years. However, Pablo's strong desire and dream to produce high-quality and experimental specialty-grade coffees soon led him to acquire all the necessary tools and facilities for processing his own coffee in 2009. He planted many new varieties and began developing experimental natural and washed process coffees. The coffees at Obraje are now processed entirely on the farm, including milling. This means that all the coffee can be processed immediately once the coffee cherries are picked from the trees.
According to Pablo, the climate and soil at El Obraje are among the most significant factors contributing to the unique character of his coffee. The farm is located near many volcanoes, and the soil is rich in minerals. Of the nearly one hundred hectares, only 25 hectares are dedicated to coffee cultivation. Pablo has restored the rest of the area to its natural forest state, greatly contributing to the development of biodiversity and soil health, undoubtedly reflected in the cup.
The Gesha variety, was introduced to El Obraje by Pablo when he imported it from Panama in 2011. Currently, the farm has around 7,000 Gesha coffee trees. The coffee is meticulously handpicked and sorted through a flotation tank, ensuring that only the best beans continue their journey. The coffee beans undergo 48 hours of fermentation before washing: 24 hours inside the fruit and another 24 hours after the fruit is pressed. After washing, the beans dry for approximately 16 days.
In this particularly exquisite and precious coffee, we taste sweet nuances of peach, passion fruit, and mango.

Country: Colombia
Region: Nariño
Producer: Pablo Guerrero
Variety: Gesha
Height: 2300m
Processing: Washed


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