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CASCARA - Dried coffee cherry

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Flavour profile: rose hip, plum, honey

Cascara is a delicious, caffeinated and antioxidant-rich drink brewed from the skins of dried coffee cherries, also known as Cascara.

Although cascara is still a new acquaintance for many, it was already known in Ethiopia before the discovery of roasting coffee beans from the seeds inside the berries themselves. Fueled by the specialty coffee culture, we have begun to witness the discovery of this hidden gem for various purposes, such as various beverages, granola bars, and even flours.

Cascara is high in fibre and packed with antioxidants. Although the drink extracted from cascara is very refreshing and gives a boost to the day, its caffeine content is surprisingly low, around 110mg/L, while coffee has the same figure in the 400-800mg/L range. The caffeine in Cascara is absorbed more efficiently than in coffee, according to current knowledge.

This Cascara comes from the harvest at the Argote and Munoz family coffee farms in Colombia. The flavour is honey sweet. On the palate, subtle rose hips and plum. 

We recommend extracting Cascara in water at about 95 degrees Celsius, 5 grams per decilitre of water. Brew time around 4 minutes. For a stronger extraction, you can experiment with the dosage.

Country: Colombia
Region: Colón
Farmer: the Argote and Munoz families
Variety: Castillo Caturra
Height: approx.1950m
Processing: wet pulped


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