Tips for making coffee at home

Tips for making coffee at home

Making good coffee does not necessarily require special equipment or barista skills. Here are a few tips we think are essential to ensure you get great tasting coffee at home! Take advantage of these tips to find the ones you like without making coffee too serious.

Buy good coffee! :) 

Once you find a coffee you enjoy, don't fall into the mindset that it's the only good coffee in the world. Stay curious! Coffee is an endlessly fascinating and nuanced ingredient that has the ability to surprise you time and time again.

Get yourself a coffee grinder !

Coffee retains its flavors best in whole beans. Coffee releases its aromas when in contact with air. Each tiny particle of ground coffee is in contact with air and releases its aromas much faster than whole beans.

Keep your coffee machine clean

Pour water into the coffee maker's reservoir using a clean container. If you use the coffee pot for pouring, coffee oils can end up in the machine's pipes, causing an unpleasant taste. Occasionally, perform descaling on the machine using a suitable descaling agent.

Measure coffee by weight

We recommend dosing 6g of coffee per each deciliter of water. Using a measuring spoon can be a bit problematic, as the weight of differently roasted coffees varies concerning volume. Adjust the 'strength' of the brewed coffee primarily by changing the grind size. Finer grind slows down water passage, increasing coffee extraction, while coarser grind does the opposite, lightening extraction.

Don't sip it too hot

The taste of coffee is strongly influenced by the serving temperature. Our recommendation is to wait until the coffee's temperature is around 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). After that, allow the coffee to continue cooling during enjoyment.

Coffee storage

Store coffee protected from air and light. Coffee is at its best around 1-2 weeks after roasting. After that it slowly starts releasing its aromas. Tip: If you come across an exceptional coffee and want to preserve it for a special moment, you can freeze a portion of it vacuum-sealed. Freeze the coffee when it's around 10 days old.

Enjoy your coffee!