Our approach to coffee and roasting

Our approach to coffee and roasting

To begin with, it must be emphasized, and it is crucial to understand, that roasting cannot enhance the base quality of coffee. It is a fact that cannot be bypassed or overlooked. The quality and potential of coffee are established at the coffee farms. Factors such as variety, soil nutrients, growing altitude, weather conditions, timing of coffee cherry picking, and the multi-stage processing after harvest influence the flavor profile and quality. After the work done at the origin, all other actors involved with that particular coffee can, at best, only preserve the quality it already possessed.


Creating taste memories

From the roaster's perspective, this provides an immensely intriguing and motivating foundation as we strive for a cup of coffee that, at its pinnacle, delivers a stimulating flavor experience. Take, for example, a naturally processed Ethiopian coffee we roast, evoking nuances reminiscent of blueberry pie. This not only reflects the meticulous work at the coffee's origin but also takes the coffee drinker on a nostalgic taste journey, reminiscent of childhood and the comforting setting of grandma's coffee table. In essence, our success lies in preserving the inherent quality of the raw coffee and unlocking its potential in a way that creates a new and memorable flavor experience for the individual.

Light roasts enhance the unique character of coffee

This mindset, where we aim to showcase excellent raw materials in the best possible way and provide individuals with unique taste experiences, has guided our current coffee roasting approach. We roast across a fairly wide spectrum, from light to dark, to offer our customers the best range for their needs. Most of the coffees featured in our selection throughout the year are roasted on the lighter side, as it allows us to stay more connected to the coffee's origin. The smaller and more limited the batch, the more likely we are to offer it as a light roast, emphasizing the unique character of that particular coffee. Many professionals in the coffee industry prefer light roasts precisely because they believe it brings out the most diverse flavor profile, showcasing all the effort that has gone into each cup. However, we also maintain a permanent selection of darker-roasted coffees, as they receive much praise from our customers for their distinct flavor profiles. As roasters, it's crucial for us to distinguish between our own taste preferences and those of our customers.


Be curious with coffee

We will write more later about the chemical process of roasting and the transformation from a green coffee bean to brewed coffee. In the meantime, we encourage all coffee enthusiasts to approach this everyday festive raw material with curiosity. It's beneficial to occasionally reflect on whether your coffee preferences are driven by habit in a specific roast or if there might be more to explore in the world of coffee. Sometimes, intriguing flavor nuances can be found in unexpected places when you are open to exploration.

Head roasters motto: Striving for perfection - never quite reaching it

Joonas Markkanen, Head Roaster